Enrollment - Application

Enrollment Procedure:

Step 1 - Complete Application

Please complete the documents located in the attachments below. This includes the Pre-Application, the Minister's Recommendation and a R200 non-refundable application fee

Download - Pre - Application
Download - Minster,s Recommendation

Step 2 - Credit Report

Accompanying your application, we also need you to supply us with a credit report from Credit Expert. Visit www.creditexpert.co.za, register and follow the instructions. This is a free service, and once you have your credit report, attach a copy to your application and submit it with all the other required documents.

Step 3 - Submit Application

Once you have filled out the Application you may email it directly to the Administrator via:


Step 4 - Interview Process

Once your application is submitted in with all relevant documentation, it will be reviewed by the school board and both parents will be called for an interview. If children need to be tested, testing dates will be arranged during the interview. The decision is made after the interview (and tests if necessary) and you will be advised of the result within a week. You will then be required to pay an enrolment fee of R1300 to secure your child’s place in the school.



School Fees for 2018

Grade Tuition/Mnth Workbooks/Mnth Total/Mnth
RR R 1 526.00 R 45.00 R 1 571.00
R R 2 480.00 R 230.00 R 2 710.00
1 R 3 274.00 R 310.00 R 3 584.00
2-3 R 3 507.00 R 360.00 R 3 867.00
4-7 R 3 573.00 R 360.00 R 3 933.00
8-9 R 3 785.00 R 360.00 R 4 145.00
10-12 R 3 785.00 R 360.00 R 4 145.00

- Plus R60 per month per family for Special Projects Fund

- R1500 enrollment application fee (R500 for Gr. RR + R1000 when going to Gr. R)

- Additional information can be found by downloading this attachment: School Fees



Sonrise Christian School offers its Students an approved National Department of Education curriculum (RNCS), using the A.C.E. programme learning materials. This educational system has been widely accepted by universities and other academic institutions around the world, and is registered with the local Department of Education.

The following are the learning areas offered:

- Mathematical Literacy and Mathematics

- Language, Literacy and Communication: LLT English

- Language, Literacy and Communication: First Add. Lang. Afrikaans

- Human and Social Studies: Earth Science, World History, Geography

- Natural Sciences: Physical Science, Chemistry, and Biology

- Life Orientation: Health, Nutrition, Physical Education, Biblical Studies

- Student Convention

- Technology: Future Kids, Skills Pro

- Arts and Culture: Music Appreciation and Art

- Economic and Management Sciences: EMS, Accounting


Accreditation For Universities/Colleges

Students who have completed the ACE Programme have been successfully accepted at South African and International Universities. Students wishing to be accepted at universities are required to write either the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), or the Alternative Admissions Research Project (AARP) test from the University of Cape Town.