Staff Details

Senior Staff:


Penny Zwart B.A. (Hons.) Psychology Dip. Theology, PGBC, Christian Psychology

School Pastor

Billy-Joe Zwart B.Th (Hons.)


Emil Zwart B.Com, M.Sc. Theology


Staff Participation

Whilst much of the responsibility of educating the Students and instilling character rests with the Parents, the staff too have a vital part to play. It is the responsibility of the Principal, School Pastor, Vice - Principal and each individual Staff member to ensure that they are Christian examples to the Students and Parents.

Staff members will be encouraged to have a consistent Christian life, ensuring that their “private” life practices are above reproach, try to be positive in their daily outlook as well was in their attitudes toward ACE procedures and curriculum and to endeavour to have a meaningful prayer life

Staff members being human, like Parents, need prayer, support and assistance to enable them to fulfill the God-given task of educating students and preparing them for life.


Ministery/Employment Opportunities

Sonrise Christian School is not currently seeking any staff. However, should you wish us to keep your details on record for future reference, please fax or e-mail your CV to us - see Contact Us