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Grade RR


The Step-by-Step is an ECD programme which incorporates the six Early Learning Development Areas of:
• Well-being
• Identity and belonging
• Communication
• Exploring mathematics
• Creativity
• Knowledge and understanding of the world
It is a strong foundation year before entering Grade R which reinforces colour, shape and number concepts and introduces phonics.

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Grade R

Our Grade R programme features a complete scope and sequence of concepts and skills needed to prepare children to be ready to read. It equips young learners with the necessary skills to thrive at primary school and beyond.

Grade 1

In the first 2 terms our Grade 1 curriculum provides a multisensory, phonetic, learning-to-read programme designed to prepare a child for individualized reading and learning.
In terms 3 and 4 Grade 1 learners are also introduced to the ACE Curriculum.

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Grade 2 to 9

ACE Curriculum

The AEE system of education embraces the A.C.E. curriculum and is based on the well-researched methodology of a personalized system of instruction (PSI) (Keller 1968). The system creates opportunity for a learner to work in an individualized self-paced manner that embraces discovery learning and mastery learning. Mastery Learning is another well researched methodology from Benjamin Bloom who states that “Almost any child can master almost any subject given enough time and a variety of instructional methods.” (Bloom, 1968)
The AEE system of education is a modern methodology based on years of research, has a proven track record world-wide and has been available in South Africa (A.C.E. curriculum) for over thirty years and globally for more than 50 years.


• Personalized System of Instruction (PSI)
• Academic Excellence
• Individualized Instruction
• Mastery Based Learning
• Self-Paced Learning
• Biblical Values
• Character Building
• Reasoning Skills and Critical Thinking
• Computer Enhanced Learning
• Diagnostic Testing


AcePlus has been integrated into the LearnCloud portal and can be accessed using any digital device that has internet connectivity. AcePlus provides online supplementary learning material to support students who are working through the A.C.E. curriculum.

AEE LearnCloud is the AEE online portal and the learner’s passport to an increasing collection of high quality eLearning resources.
eLearning has completely transformed the way in which learning is taking place. eLearning allows learners to take a proactive approach to their studies and makes learning simpler, easier, and more effective.

Grade 10-12

National Senior Certificate (IEB) with AEE Online
Sonrise Christian School now offers the National Senior Certificate (NSC) via the Independent Examination Board (IEB) through AEE Online. The NSC (IEB) is an internationally benchmarked qualification, equivalent to Cambridge AS level.