Enrollment Procedure



Complete the documents located in the attachments below. Download - Pre-Application Download - Pastor recommendation Download  - Fee payment policy Supply a credit report from Credit Expert. Visit www.creditexpert.co.za, register and follow the instructions. This is a free service.



Once you have your credit report, attach a copy along with your Pastor’s Recommendation to your application and send via email to schooloffice@sonrisecs.co.za There is a R200 non-refundable application fee. Your application will be reviewed by the school upon submission and further information will be communicated.



Upon review of your application, both parents will be called to come in for an interview. The interview will include a tour of the school and the arrangement of any relevant diagnostic testing for your children



After the interview and any tests, the school will inform you of the results within one week. To secure your child’s place at the school an Enrollment Fee of R1300 must be paid.

Fee Structure - SONRISE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL FEES FOR 2022 [Goes up 5-6% per annum]
Fee Structure 2022 (Download) - SONRISE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL FEES FOR 2021




R 1 750.00
 R 2 930.00
R 4 075.00
R 4 360.00
R 4 430.00
R 4 460.00
R 4 800.00
R 5 120.00


R 50.00
R 320.00
R 450.00
R 450.00
R 485.00
R 485.00
R 210.00
R 210.00

total per month

R 1 800.00
R 3 250.00
R 4 525.00
R 4 810.00
R 4 915.00
R 4 945.00
R 5 010.00
R 5 330.00

Enrollment in IEB R900
IEB Matric exam fee R 7850

Plus R80 per month per family for Special Projects Fund
R2000 enrollment fee (R500 for Gr. RR + R1500 when going to Gr. R)
R2900 enrollment fee for first time enrollment in Grade 10

NB: These fees include Future Kids/Skillspro, Kidi-Sportz, Art, Music, Prizegiving, & R155 per term towards outings. It also includes an annual camp for Grades 4-12. There are extra small costs for sport tournaments and buses if your child is involved, and for a high school convention that all pupils must attend once a year between grades 9-11. There is also a discount for siblings. Special Projects Fund is in lieu of large fundraisers. School fees payable over 12 months

Since our educational system is individually based, the cost per month for workbooks may vary slightly depending on the individual ability of each child.

There is a R100 per month discount on tuition if paid by the 1st of each month.

School Calendar for 2022