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School Hours:

Parents are legally responsible for their children outside stipulated school operating hours. This applies whether their child is traveling to or from school and by whatsoever means, or if the child has already arrived at school before school hours. School begins at 7:45am for all of our classes. The following are closing times:

Preschool & Grade R:


Grade 1:


Grade 2 to 12:


Fridays(All classes):


Student Handbook:

Feel free to download our student handbook for all the information you need. It includes policies, school hours, uniforms, sports and everything else you should need

Student Handbook

Our Grade R Programme:

The School of Tomorrow Grade R programme is designed to prepare Students to be ready to read. It consists of the following materials: Four daily instructional manuals and Paces (workbooks) in five core subjects namely Math , English, Word Building, Social Studies and Science. During the year a Student will experience a definite progression towards becoming literate and enjoying the foundational qualities in story telling, word building, sounds, numbers, letter formation, training in obeying simple commands, working independently and benefiting from character-building opportunities. Another exciting experience is learning individual Bible Memory verses and Scripture passages. They learn to count daily using the number train. The display cards for the alphabet sounds allow them to visually see each letter clearly. Students will also experience activities such as, Art, Handcraft, Physical exercises and Coordination Development tests.

Love and discipline will result in children understanding that they are special and that rules need to be followed. Good behaviour is rewarded while indiscretions are lovingly corrected. Training and repetition are vital for the learners’ future development.

Praise and motivation is a positive, creative means, which encourages a Student’s progress. Praise becomes a daily experience in their lives, and respecting one another is a further aspect of the Student’s training. The Educator sets the tone by respecting each child, who in turn learns to do likewise towards the Educator and fellow learners. This mutually beneficial relationship will overflow to older folks and to their family life. Basic health issues are addressed as well as a sound healthy lifestyle choices.

This comprehensive programme has been tried, tested and updated over many years. Around the world, in 135 countries, children have benefited from the content of this all-in-one packaged programme. This programme will enhance a child’s life as well as prepare him for his school days. This programme is a tool, which in the hands of skilful Educators, will produce desired results.

Our Grade R programme is considered the beginning of a children's school careers, since they start formal learning this year on the ACE programme. Children wear the Sonrise school uniform from Grade R. We seldom accept children who have not completed our Grade R programme, since they have not had the benefit of our foundational year and consequently will find it difficult to adapt to the syllabus. Outside Students coming into Grade 1 need to pass our School Reading Readiness test to be accepted into the school.